Languedoc-Roussillon Tourism Attractions

This region has tremendous possibilities for tourism as it is not only an amazing coastal region boasting a wonderful French terroir, but it also has mountains that allow winter sports and climbing activities.

This region has beaches galore and is therefore perfect for anyone wishing to have relaxing holidays under the sun. Moreover, this region is widely known for its hotel complexes and its luxurious resorts with campsites and restaurants, perfect for family holidays. But if you want to escape this vibrant touristic life, you can go and walk along the coastline with its endless sandy beaches.

Towns and cities here are exactly what one would expect in terms of ancient French terroir, and can provide you with the most amazing views over the countryside or the sea as they are either placed up on high or along the coast. These towns are a typical mixture of French and Spanish history; they are definitely worth the visit.

If you are more interested into castles and old monasteries, do not worry as there are lots of these as well. Languedoc-Roussillon has a wide sample of beautiful old defensive castles built to defend the country against invasions, monastries reflecting the monks' way of life in the medieval ages or even small fortified towns that will make you enjoy a wonderful day out.

Finally, if you are looking for sport holidays, do not forget to check the mountainous regions of Languedoc-Roussillon. Indeed these mountains are full of small rivers, rough cliffs and perfect places for many activities. Everything is possible from sailing to rafting, cliff climbing to paragliding, skiing or horse riding...

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