Languedoc-Roussillon Wine

Languedoc-Roussillon is a French region which, thanks to its warm climate, allows the grapes to thrive. This region of France offers numerous wines and specialities you will enjoy.

The vineyards cover more than 300,000 ha in Languedoc-Roussillon, thus there is an important amount of wine appellations that you can find in Languedoc. The most spread name remains Vins du Pays ('local wines').

Amongst the famous Languedoc wine appellation you will find:

  • Corbières AOC

One of the most spread and appreciated wine in this region from the South of France. Most wines under the Corbières appellation are fine red wines. They are full-bodied wines renowned for their intensity. They will leave you with a fruity aftertaste. Kept for some years in a cellar, these Languedoc-Roussillon wines gain in flavour and aroma and some of them are prestigious produce.

  • Côteaux du Languedoc

This appellation gathers some of the best places having high quality viticulture in this region of France. Thus this renowned appellation offers you fine wines of an exceptional quality. You will seek these elegant French wines for their full-bodied aroma.

  • Côtes du Roussillon

These wines are issued from really sunny places and are generally intense. Producing far more red than white wines, the growers will offer you spicy and medium-bodied wines likely to enjoy with any kind of dishes.

  • Minervois AOC

Minervois represents a large area near Narbonne; this appellation produces fine wines with an interesting strong bouquet. This wine has to be sipped young but some of the best vintages can age and be tasty like the prestigious Corbières wine.

  • Saint-Chinian AOC and Faugère

These local produce were in the past named Côteaux du Languedoc. When you want a dish to be a success, a Saint Chinian or Faugere wine is not only suitable but highly recommended.

Top Tip! Generally speaking, these intense wines will remind you the warmth of a sunny summer in the South of France. They will offer you a bit of what makes Languedoc-Roussillon such a special place. They will be real gems to sample with local specialities as well as red meats.

The most interesting will be to have a look at the numerous villages producing wine in Languedoc-Roussillon, for example in Hérault where the Saint Chinian wine is mostly produced. You will have the opportunity to admire the vineyards while enjoying the taste of this robust wine. Languedoc-Roussillon is a true paradise for the French wine and gastronomy lovers.

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