Limousin Apples

Apples are a very nice and authentic part of Limousin’s gastronomy. Fifty varieties exist in the French region according to the latest surveys. The specificity of many Limousin apples is to be crunchy, juicy and sweet French fruit.

The traditional Limousin apples producers have struggled and obtained an AOC label for these outstanding locally grown fruits. Limousin Apples are thus the first apples produced in France to have their quality recognised through a label.

Apples in Limousin are produced on the first foothills of the Massif Central mountains while they could have been growing much more easily in fertile, gorgeous valleys.

Limousin Golden Apples are gorgeous regional products

They consequently developed valuable qualities to survive in this almost hostile environment and may also succeed in reconciling you with the Golden apple variety.

This typical Limousin food produce is juicy, crunchy, with a white flesh and boasting a very delicate balance between sweetness and acidity.

If you have a negative prejudice against Golden apples, do try the Limousin golden variety. The region’s inhabitants offer a warm welcome and will be glad to make you taste this regional top product.

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