Limousin Beef, Lamb and Pork Meat

The cow meat produced in the Limousin French region is called viande Limousine (Limousine meat) and is acknowledged in France as being a second to none quality meat. Be it beef, lamb or pork meat, the Limousin producers are committed and aim at producing quality products, for your pleasure. Thus Limousin’s food and gastronomy are made of many traditional recipes often based on meat. It was not the case before back when local people generally used to eat chestnuts-based meals to avoid dying of starvation.

Limousin Beef

Keeping the traditional methods has been and remains a constant leitmotiv for the Limousin meat producers. The Limousine cow is an example of the struggle of these French producers and breeders to keep the quality of the meat at its best. This beef meat is easily chewed, delicate and full of flavour. This Limousin produce is definitely one of the best if not the best meat produced in France.

The production of the Limousin breed livestock is the first agricultural activity in the Limousin French region nowadays. The cow itself is acknowledged worldwide as being very adaptable, fertile and easy to deal with. Thus the Limousin cow is exported to 70 countries.

Limousin Mutton and Lamb

The cow was the first success in the region's breeding history. Following that trend, local producers have decided to also try with for mutton, lamb and pork Limousin meat with the same goal: to provide a top quality product.

The (well-off) Limousin inhabitants have been consuming sheep meat since the Middle Ages. These animals were generally fattened for some months before being eaten, often for special occasions. The hunting of wolves, the introduction of new sheep species, the competition of many countries for the production of wool and recent acts promoting the production of top quality food in Limousin have resulted in the creation of the Limousine label for mutton and lamb meats.

Limousin Pork

The Limousin gastronomy also makes great use of the famous cul-noir (black-bottomed) pigs. These typical Limousin animals have been bred there for 5 centuries.

The famous (and tasty) black-bottomed Limousin Pig

The adult weighs in at around 250 to 300 kgs. The animals are traditionally slaughtered just before Christmas.

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