Limousin Chestnuts

Limousin’s food and gastronomy as well as many other traditional recipes are often based on meat. It was not the case in the past when the local people often ate chestnuts-based meals to prevent dying of starvation. In Limousin these chestnuts have also been used to feed pigs.

Nowadays, this fruit that grows easily and in massive quantities in the Limousin region of France is a speciality of the region, being also part of the traditional gastronomy.

In the common history of Limousin inhabitants, chestnuts recall past times when they were the main ingredient of many meals. They were eaten dried, and the chestnut tree itself was used fo other purposes.

Top Tip! In Limousin you could taste chestnut pâté, oven-baked chestnuts or blood sausages, chestnut jam, cream, liqueurs or cakes and many meats or meals that are very nice when accompanied with this delicious Limousin speciality.

The best chestnuts varieties to taste in Limousin are called Marigoule and Bouche de Betizac. They are the result of a selection process to obtain a top quality product. The production method is also strictly controlled.

These chestnuts are called Perigord Limousin chestnuts and have been awarded the AOC label for their outstanding quality.

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