Violet Mustard from Brive

Violet Mustard is a Limousin mustard speciality that was created centuries ago and its recipe has been on the verge of being lost several times in history due to – a difficult to understand – lack of interest! This French regional produce is prepared from over ripe black grapes.

The traditional Brive mustard is definitely part of the Limousin food and gastronomy scene and is generally served with the famous limousine beef, veal, duck or blood sausage. It is also excellent as an ingredient to flavour sauces. The sweet savour of grapes can actually be enjoyed among all the mustard's flavours.

Known since the 13th century, this Limousin speciality is most renowned since Pope Clement VI, who was born in the area and was homesick because of the Vatican food, asked a local manufacturer to prepare specialities based on violet mustard for him.

The Limousin Violet Mustard is made with grapes

This Limousin gastronomy star was also very renowned and sought-after during the Belle-Epoque French period (‘the beautiful era’, period between 1890 and 1914 when the pleasure and optimism were at their top in French upper classes’ mentalities due to peace and new technologies appearing).

The violet mustard from Brive is created from the mixture of seeds of mustard with black grapes must, wine vinegar and spices. It is outstanding when tasted with cold meat (next page of this dossier) or French charcuterie products. It does produce superb vinaigrettes that you will definitely enjoy serving to guests. Indeed, four companies still produce this traditional Limousin mustard nowadays for a very reasonable price.

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