Limousin Wine

Limousin is a region located in the centre of France, not really known for its vineyards, though there are some really fine wines which are produced there.

Limousin Mille et Une Pierres Wine

The Vin de Branceilles, called as well Mille et Une Pierres, is a really rare and succulent Limousin wine which was renowned in the 19th Century and disappeared for a long time because of the phylloxera illness which destroyed a big part of the vineyard. The small part remaining did not produce such a good wine for years until a group of Limousin winegrowers decided to rebuild the vineyard and make the old fine wine reappear.

Working hard and with passion they finally replanted 30 ha of vineyards in this area of France which is now producing 200,000 bottles of Limousin wine a year. Appreciated worldwide, this fine wine remains rare and can be expensive. You will appreciate its finesse and high quality which delivers a really interesting bouquet and will leave a long finish on your palate. These winegrowers of the Limousin created an amazing treasure.

Corrèze Wine

You will be impressed by the quality of the Vin de Corrèze French wine as well. This is a fine wine which gets its quality from the way it is produced. This Corrèze wine is tasty, delicate and you will savour its finesse.

Tip: you will enjoy sipping the few wines of this litlle-known Limousin region, which are all really prestigious though.

Limousin Oak Barrels

If Limousin produces few wines, this mostly rural region also produces the oak barrels which are used for the fermentation of wine throughout France. These barrels are really needed because of the oaks which provide the wine with much more flavour during the fermentation process.

You may also find some eaux de vie and liqueur drinks from Brive-la-Gaillarde that you would definitely enjoy tasting.

Generally speaking, if this region is not renowned for having a lot of vineyards but the few it has produce a high-quality French wine. People around the world are enjoying it and the demand is high. This region is also quite close to the Aquitaine region where outstanding wines are produced.

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