Lorraine Air Travel and Flights

There are many ways to get to Lorraine. One of these is to fly there, with low-cost companies now operating to and from the region:

  • In Lorraine there are several airports serving destinations in UK and Europe as well.
  • These destinations are growing dramatically: Algers, Marseille, Milan, Paris, Toulouse, Clermont, Venice, Nantes, Lyon, Nice, Paris.
  • Other destinations are: Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Crete, Bulgaria, Sardinia, Sicily, Montenegro, Balearic Islands, Spain, Cyprus, Algeria, and various charter flights: Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Senegal, Egypt, Russia...

Lorraine Travel by Air
Air traffic More than 183,753 passengers per year travelled through Lorraine's only airport: Metz-Nancy Lorraine Airport.
Largest Airport In 2007 Metz-Nancy Lorraine airport welcomed 183,753 commercial passengers. The airport is losing clients each year because of the new high-speed train line allowing to reach Paris in 1hr30. The airport is also used for some NATO flights.
Useful Contacts Airline bookings + Info: lorraineairport.com

Top Tip! The region is really well connected to Paris now, and thus many people commute from the region to Paris to save a lot on housing costs and benefit from a preserved, tranquil environment.

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