Lorraine Food and Gastronomy

Like the neighbouring Alsace region, Lorraine has delicious country dishes on offer. Inspired by the German cuisine and resulting from the history of this Northeast region of France, Food and Gastronomy in Lorraine account for the most appreciated French gourmet products in the world - from the famous Quiche Lorraine tart to the exquisite Mirabelle plum.

Regions-of-france.com here introduces some gems of the Lorraine Food and Gastronomy. This Northeastern region of France does not have only the Quiche Lorraine on offer, it is indeed a real gold mine for confectionery connoisseurs and fruit lovers.

With its Macarons (almond macaroons) and Bergamotes (bergamot candies), Nancy exemplifies the gourmet French products renowned worldwide. Nevertheless, you will be able to relish delightful specialities all over the Lorraine region of France, from the exquisite sugared almonds called Dragée from Verdun to the authentic Madeleines cookie from Commercy.

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