Lorraine Golf Courses and Clubs, France

Lorraine is one of France's most preserved region, and also one of the most little-known ones. Surrounded by nature, at the crossroads of several countries, Lorraine is ideal for golf players searching quiet, spectacular environments in France to play their favorite sport or spend golfing holidays in Lorraine.

Top Tip! The Lorraine region of France boasts amazingly peaceful and really picturesque golf courses. These courses and settings are outstanding.

  • To get to Lorraine you can use many flights from the UK coupled with cheap green fees and reasonably priced but really warm accommodation.
  • Lorraine thus offers its jewels of French golf to British golfing enthusiasts coming to France. The Lorraine courses are often reffered to for their varieties. Accessible to all kinds of golf players and lovers, these will always find an ideal green in Lorraine to practice their favorite sport; Golf in France. Lorraine golf courses will provide you with that feeling of plenitude and relaxation only a nature preserved environment can give.
  • Golfing facilities and golf courses abound in the Lorraine region of France. The pretty good weather and beautiful scenery of Lorraine combine to make that region of France a true golfers' haven.
  • With its really particular geography, Lorraine does not really seem like a golfer's paradise. However Golfing holidays in Lorraine can be really nice since everything's ready to welcome you. If you love nature, warm welcomes, good food and golfing, come to Lorraine, you won't regret it.

A French Lorraine golf course to discover: Vittel Ermitage golf course. It is a tricky undulating and woody golf course where you can take some risks. Another interesting golf Course in this region of France is Amnéville-les-Thermes golf course. It is often considered as one of the trickiest and most beautiful courses in eastern France, with its large greens, 7 ponds and fairways lined with trees (foremost elms and many century-old oaks).


  • Bois de Hazeau Golf course

    Centre Préparation Olympique,

    88800 Vittel

  • Images d'Epinal Golf course

    Rue du Merle Blanc, 88006 Epinal Cédex

    Ligne Bleue des Vosges

    7 avenue de Robache, 88100 Saint-Dié

  • Vittel Ermitage Golf course

    BP59 -88802 Vittel Cédex


  • Amnéville Golf course

    BP 99, 57360 Amnéville Les Thermes

  • Bitche Golf course

    2 rue des Prés, 57230 Bitche

  • Faulquemont Golf course

    Parc Industriel Rue du Golf,

    57380 Faulquemont

  • Grange-aux-Ormes Golf course

    Rue de la Grange aux Ormes,

    57157 Marly

  • Metz-Chérisey Golf course

    Château de Cherisey

  • Pays de Sarrebourg Golf course

    Route de Winkelhof,

    57400 Sarrebourg

  • Preisch Castle Golf course

    1 rue du Vieux Moulin,

    57570 Basse-Rentgen

  • Sarreguemines Golf course

    Chemin Départemental n 81 A, 57200 Sarreguemines

  • Technopole Metz Golf course

    1 rue Félix Savart BP 75159,

    57074 Metz Cédex 3


  • Combles-en-Barrois Golf course

    38 rue Basse,

    55000 Combles-en-Barrois

  • Madine Golf course

    Base de Loisirs,

    55210 Nonsard-Lamarche


  • Avrainville Golf course

    La Goulotte, 54385 Avrainville

  • Nancy-Pulnoy Golf course

    10 rue du Golf, 54425 Pulnoy

  • Nancy Golf course

    Aingeray, 54460 Liverdun

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