Lorraine Holidays

Lorraine is proud of its strategic position at the border of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. A strategic position at the crossroads of Europe explains Lorraine's long, colourful and often turbulent history, which has endowed two major cities with diverse artistic wealth: Metz, once a Gallo-Roman stronghold; and Nancy, whose elegant 18th-century buildings make artwork out of urban architecture.

Here is a list of things and places not to be missed when visiting this region:

Place Stanislas (Nancy): this is a high point of Nancy's wonderful collection from the 18th century. It is listed as a Unesco World Heritage and is considered as the most beautiful royal square in Europe.

Saint Etienne Cathedral (Metz): considered as one of the most beautiful buildings of its kind in France thanks to its richly decorated West front, Bishops' Chapel and cloister, Saint Etienne's Cathedral is the birthplace of Gothic architecture.

Verdun battlefield: Verdun and its surroundings concentrate about fifteen wide-ranging places that show World War I damages remains. Among them the most well-known places are the Citadel of Verdun, the Memorial of Verdun, the Douamont National Necropolis and Ossuany.

Malbrouck Castle (Manderen): after its restoration, Malbrouck Castle has revived medieval opulence. It is a place full of life where you can take part to medieval feast or assist to various shows.

Baccarat Crystal Museum; In Baccarat, royal or imperial clients share the prestige with France's best workers from the Compagnie des Cristalleries. The Crystal museum welcomes visitors where magnificient Baccarat Crystal has been crafted for the past 235 years.

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