Lorraine Hotels

With 3.7 million overnight stays a year, Lorraine owes to offer tourist accommodations worthy of the name. For that reason the region has for a few years put emphasis on their development, which has led to a significant upgrade.

  • 450 tourist hotels and 139 camp sites.
  • 53% of the hotel accommodation capacity has a 2 star comfort.
  • The Moselle department accounts for 37% of the region hotel accommodations while Meuse somewhat lags behind with only 7%.
  • If hotels tend to be more numerous in big cities, the hinterland for its part offers nice and more traditional B&Bs and guesthouses.
  • As regards outdoor accommodation, 2 and 3 star camp sites are the most common type of comfort to be found.
  • The Vosges department alone represents 56% of the camp sites offer; it is followed by Moselle, Meuse and last Meurthe-et-Moselle.
  • 4526 Gîtes de France certified establishments are to be found throughout the region.
Public surveys show the following cities are among those most appreciated by visitors:
1 Nancy 2 Metz
3 Verdun 4 Saint Nicolas de Port
5 Parc naturel regional des Vosges du nord 6 ...

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