Lorraine Population and Demographics

  • Population: 2,310,376
  • Pop.density (people per km2): 98

Three principal communes

Nancy (331,363)

Nancy is an attractive and sophisticated city located on the Rhine-Marne canal which goes from Paris to Strasbourg. At the turn of the century it became an important centre of Art Nouveau. Practitioners of Art Nouveau in Nancy were visually influenced by orientalism and Baroque. This style became known as the "School of Nancy". There are a number of buildings around the city with decorative features in this style and, if you keep your eyes peeled, many small expressions of the movement, especially on stained glass windows and on the elaborate grillwork to entrances of homes, shops and banks. There are many fine shops to be found selling fancy goods such as chocolates and fine glass works.

Metz (322,526)

Metz (pronounced "Mess"), the capital of Lorraine, sits on the east bank of the river Moselle and is close to the autoroute that links Paris and Strasbourg. It is a dignified city with stately public squares and lovely riverside parks with ponds, fountains, ducks and swans. It has a historic commercial centre and its large university makes it lively place. The Théâtre (1738-53) is France's oldest theatre building that's still in use.

Thionville (130,480)

Half an hour from Luxembourg and Germany this is a handsome city with many monuments. Most visitors to Thionville are those with an interest in military history.

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