Lorraine Weather and Climate

  • Lorraine is a French inland region located to the north-east of the country. This region gets a continental climate renowned for being quite tough during the winter months but hot during the summertime.
  • The Lorraine French region weather and climate are quite similar with the Alsace’s one which is its neighbour. Thus winters can be quite long, cold and snowy in this part of the Vosges area. Lorraine is more protected against the variability of temperatures than Alsace. Then, the winters are less tough and snowy throughout this region than they can be in Alsace. Summers in this part of France can be really muggy with really hot and humid days whilst spring and autumns are really pleasant with sweet and mild temperatures.
  • Lorraine benefits from 1,638.1 sunshine hours a year. This climate remains really humid during the year due to the presence of the mountains in the region where the precipitation are quite frequent.
  • The Lorraine region is the second most forested place of France. The humidity added to quite mild temperatures help luxuriant forests grow up. Environmental lovers and hiking amateurs will be under the spell of these numerous forests. Sport lovers will them love the presence of the Vosges French mountains which offer the access to numerous activities, like go skiing or cycling.
  • As you will notice from the average temperatures table below, the temperature is cold during winter months. Also there are mild spring and autumn months whilst summers are hot.

Lorraine Climate

Climate Type Continental.
Average Temperature Summer: 17.6°c, Winter: 2.2°c.
Average sunshine 1,638.1 hours per year (Metz).
Average rainfall Summer: 65.3 mm, Winter: 64.7 mm. Equivalent to 765.6 mm per year (Metz).

Lorraine Weather Statistics

Month Average Temperature Precipitation (mm)
January 1.5° 63.5
February 2.8° 57.7
March 5.8° 63.1
April 9.1° 53.5
May 13.2° 68.9
June 16.4° 72
July 18.4° 61.5
August 18° 62.5
September 15° 59.7
October 10.6° 63.5
November 5.3° 66.6
December 2.4° 73

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