Lorraine Wine

The Lorraine region of France is not the most renowned wine-producing area of France but will provide its lucky visitors with pretty fine wines. The Lorraine vineyard is foremost made up of the Cotes de Meuse, Cotes de Moselle areas and appellations as well as some others like the famous Grey Wine. The soil is mainly calcareous in the region.

The Lorraine vineyard is one of the smallest French vineyards but produces a great grey Gamay wine called Gris de Toul, as well as the white Auxerrois (‘from the city of Auxerre’) wine. The Gris de Toul is in fact a rosé wine but its colour derives towards grey.

The Lorraine area of France has been a wine producing region since the most ancient times. This vineyard has been much damaged by wars and has been in the past a very serious competitor to the wines in South of France.

Toul Wine

Toul’s vineyard is the largest one in Lorraine. It produces the famous Grey Wine from Toul as well as the Auxerrois wine. Around one million bottles are produced each year.

Cote de Moselle Wine

This French wine is produced over 130 ha of vineyards around the city of Metz.

Cote de Meuse Wine

Cote de Meuse wines are produced over 40 ha of vineyards in Lorraine. The wine produced here is red, white or grey.

Tip: All these Lorraine wines are fruity and sharp. You will be able to sip them with most types of meals.

The grape varietals used to produce these wines are the following:

  • For the red Lorraine wine: Pinot gris, Pinot noir, Meunier
  • For the white Lorraine wine: Chardonnay, Pinot blanc, Aligoté, Auxerrois, Gamay

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