Lower Normandy Andouille de Vire

Norman Andouille de Vire is a pork speciality from Lower Normandy that may delight all meat eaters! The andouille de Vire is indeed a typical chitterling sausage based on chaudins (pork big intestines) like the Breton equivalent, the andouille de Guémené. Lovers of rustic and simple French food will definitely enjoy it!

This French pork speciality was first cooked in the little city of Vire located in Lower Normandy. The andouille de Vire, resulting from the know-how of Norman porkbutchers, has contributed to the popularity of this western region of France. Home-made produced for centuries now, this tasty sausage has been respecting and perpetuating the traditions of the Norman gastronomy.

Although not popular with British taste buds, the Andouille de Vire is one of Normandy gourmet products highly appreciated by the tourists. Made out from pig intestines and seasoning with Guérande sea salt, this rustic Norman sausage is a fine combination of traditional produce from France.

Top Tip! 3 kg of raw pork products will give approximately 600gr of andouille de Vire. This flavourful sausage from Lower Normandy is generally enjoyed cold, wafer thinly sliced with farmhouse bread, or warm on a salad or with some cooked apples. Whatever recipe you choose, the renowned French smoked sausage is usually served with caramelized onions or fresh apples from the Normandy region.

The traditional recipe of the andouille de Vireconsists in a specific preparation of the chaudins. Once washed, the pig intestines are cut in thin strips, salted and marinated in brine for several days. After being dried and smoked - traditionally over a beech wood fire - for almost 3 weeks (during which the andouille gets its authentic taste and colour), the sausages are wrapped with a skein and cooked in water or court bouillon stock for 3 to 6 hours.

The well-known anecdote about how the authentic "andouille de Vire" was created dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when Charles Amand - Norman manufacturer - started to produce this delicious pork sausage. Known as the first andouille producer of France, he was originally a porkbutcher in Vire especially renowned for his andouille recipe - borrowed from his grandmother! Charles Amand's products rapidly became successful in the Normandy region. The original family company grew rapidly, finally employing 130 staff 3 years later!

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