Lower Normandy Caramels

Salted Butter Caramels from Lower Normandy are a gem of French confectionery! This mouth-watering sweet speciality is made out with Norman salted butter - especially from Isigny. Thus, toffees of this region of France are commonly named Caramels au Beurre d'Isigny.

The typical French toffees from Lower Normandy are now widely known as "Caramels d'Isigny" since the greatest variety of Normandy Caramels has been produced by the Isigny Factory for many years. Even though the Galliot company was the first to create and develop this delightful recipe of "hard caramel" with salted butter in 1932, Dupont d'Isigny has made the success of this treat thanks to the fine butter beurre d'Isigny.

In fact, the story of Normandy salted butter caramels dates back to the 1930s and results from a kind of "competition" between these two main producers of Lower Normandy, Galliot and Dupont d'Isigny. Both companies imagined a refined recipe of salted butter toffee as a new way to use the valuable dairy products from this region of France.

That is why Galliot launched the Isicrem, hard fudge prepared with cream from Isigny, in 1932 and Dupont d'Isigny the Dupont-Crème in 1939, exclusively based on Isigny's cream and butter. Between 1970 and 1990, Isigny's Cooperative decided to purchase the companies producing the well-known caramels, salted butter toffees and biscuits, so that they would be considered "genuine caramels d'Isigny".

Since then this small town of Lower Normandy has been widely renowned for its sweets, promoting Normandy's quality milk. Today, Isigny's Caramels include around 70 varieties of tender toffees and hard caramel sweets highly appreciated by gourmet visitors!

The expertise and know-how of Normandy's cooks complement the quality of regional produce to create a genuine sweet. The traditional recipe of caramels d'Isignyspecifies that the ingredients have to be baked in a copper cooker, this would give the salted butter caramel a distinctive aroma and authentic taste.

Only the AOC - French Quality Label - butter and cream are added at the end of cooking, to preserve their finesse!

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