Lower Normandy Geography

West Lower Normandy is bordered by the Channel and the coastal landscape offers numerous cliffs. The region geography can be described as follows:

  • Norman hedged farmland: on the west side, it is a mosaic of different areas encompassing Cotentin, Bessin, Avranchin, Bocage virois and ‘Norman Switzerland’.
  • Normandy plain: in the middle of the region, it is made of the following subgroups (from north towards south): Caen plain, Falaise country, Argentan country and Alençon country.
  • Auge land: northeast , this vast uniform area stretches from the Côte Fleurie (near Deauville) to the home of camembert (northeast of Argentan). Lisieux is at the heart of this land.
  • Ouche land: straddling both the Orne and Eure departments, its landscape is very rural.
  • Perche: southeast, it comprises hills grooved by numerous watercourses. It is a crossroads between Beauce, Normandie and Maine.

The region accounts for 3 regional nature parks: Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin, Normandie-Maine,Perche. It besides has two mountainous areas built by watercourses, the Suisse Normande (Norman Switzerland) and the Alpes Mancelles. The two highest peaks - Signal d’Ecouves and Mont des Avaloirs - culminate at 417m.

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