Lower Normandy Golf Courses and Clubs

Normandy is considered to be one of the 10 best French golf destinations. The region provides a large choice of high-quality golf courses.

Playing golf in the Normandy region will also allow you to visit the most picturesque and beautiful Lower Normandy cities, such as Honfleur, Deauville, and the most famous Mont Saint-Michel.

  • There are 22 main golf courses across the region. Some of them are famous such as the Normandy Golf Barrière course in Deauville, the Golf Course in Deauville Saint-Gatien, the Golf course of Coutainville and the Golf course of Fontenay-sur-Mer.

  • Golfing holidays in Lower Normandy are also a must. The Lower Normandy region offers high-quality facilities as well as some luxury ones. Several kinds of accommodations are available, such as luxurious hotels including breakfast, villas or B&B and green-fees. The prices of these golf holidays are affordable, often around €300 or less, per person for a golfing week-end break.

  • Many Lower Normandy hotels or traditional guest houses dedicated to this type of stays offer a warm and inviting welcome, close to the best golf courses in that area of France.

  • Come play golf in Lower Normandy
  • Lower Normandy is sparsely forested. The territory is wooded and offers beautiful landscapes. Golfing in Lower Normandy means you will enjoy playing your favorite sport in this stunning environment. Whether by the seaside or in the hinterland, there are a lot of cliffs and coasts.

Why not Visit Mont Saint Michel during your Golfing holidays in Lower Normandy?
Why not Visit Mont Saint Michel during your Golfing holidays in Lower Normandy?

Here are the contact details of the golf facilities, courses and clubs in Lower Normandy:

Golf courses in Calvados

Barrière de Deauville Golf Course
14803 Deauville

Caen Golf Course
Le Vallon
14112 Bieville-Beuville

Omaha Beach Golf Course
La Ferme St-Sauveur
14520 Port-en-Bessin

Golf courses in Manche

Granville Golf Course
Pavillon du Golf
50290 Bréville-sur-Mer

Coutainville Golf Course
1 la Brèche
50310 Fontenay-sur-Mer

Golf courses in Orne

Bellême Golf Course
Les Sablons
61130 Bellême

Flers-le-Houlme Golf Course
8 clos Foucher
61100 La Selle La Forge

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