Lower Normandy Tourism Attractions

Lower Normandy is ideally situated. Its location and climate are attractive. Extraordinary scenery combined with a rich historical past of exceptional cultural and being close to the sea, make it an exciting area to both visit and live.

  • Lower Normandy is a famous destination for the French population as well as foreign people. It has lots to offer.
  • Those who come appreciate the region and each of its departments thanks to many attractions adapted to anyone's tastes, desire and season.
  • Even if Lower Normandy is famous for the Mont Saint Michel, it has lots to offer, for those interested in sporting activities, in relaxing activies and all kinds of amusement across parks, zoos, gardens, lakes.
  • Enjoyable festivals also take place in Lower Normandy throughout the year for the pleasure of all.


It is believed that Aubert, Bishop of Avranches founded a sanctuary on Mont-Tombe, after 3 appearances of the Archangel, Michael.

Mont-Saint-Michel contains numerous architectural jewels : Pre-Norman church, abbey church, Norman and gothic monastery building. Made into a prison from the French Revolution, the abbey has been the responsibility of the historical monuments department since 1874.

Since 1969 a monastic community ensures a spiritual presence. Called "The Wonder of the Western World", Mont-Saint-Michel is surrounded by a magnificent bay which hosts the greatest tidal ranges in Europe, a grand spectacle.

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