Lower Normandy Weather and Climate

  • Lower Normandy is lined along its west side with the Atlantic Ocean. As a result a part of this region receives the effect of a microclimate created on the whole littoral. Weather is then really mild all year long without any extreme temperatures. However rainfalls remain frequent in Lower Normandy even if they are not bountiful.
  • Lower Normandy benefits from 1,763.6 sunshine hours a year though. There is a noticeable difference between the coasts and inland where the climate is more continental, and where the weather is a bit dryer. Inland, temperatures can be tougher during winter times but really pleasantly hot during the summer times.
  • Lower Normandy is a verdant region of France, renowned for its verdant pastures useful for the cattle raising. The present humidity is an important help to the agriculture in this French region.
  • As you notice in the average temperatures table below, the temperature is cool during the winter months. Also there are mild spring and autumn months whilst the summer is pleasant.

Lower Normandy Climate

Climate Type Continental and Oceanic.
Average Temperature Summer: 17°c, Winter: 4.5°c.
Average sunshine 1,763.6 hours per year (Caen).
Average rainfall Summer: 47.7 mm, Winter: 63.5 mm. Equivalent to 710.8 mm per year (Lyon).

Lower Normandy Weather Statistics

Month Average Temperature Precipitation (mm)
January 4.5° 63.5
February 4.9° 57.6
March 6.9° 56.3
April 8.8° 45.6
May 12° 58.4
June 14.8° 52.3
July 17° 47.7
August 17° 46.5
September 15.1° 61.4
October 11.9° 67.7
November 7.7° 84.9
December 5.4° 69

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