Midi-Pyrénées Air Travel and Flights

There are many ways to get to Midi-Pyrénées. You can fly there, with many low-cost companies now operating to and from the region. The airports in Midi-Pyrénées have received 15 million passengers last year.

In Midi-Pyrénées there are several airports serving destinations in the world such as Andalusia, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Canada, the Canarian Islands, Corfu, Corsica, Crete, Croatia, Scotland, Egypt, Central Europe, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Madeira, Malta, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Dominican Rep., Rhodes, Senegal, Sicily, Tunisia, Turkey.

Midi-Pyrénées Travel by Air
Air traffic More than 6,200,000 passengers per year travel through Midi-Pyrénées main airports: Toulouse, Castres, Carcassone and Rodez airports.
Largest Airport Toulouse Blagnac Airport is the 4th ranking airport outside Paris (after Nice, Lyon and Marseille) with 6,200,000 passengers. It also is the no. 1 freight airport outside Paris. Development work will enable the airport to gradually increase the airport's capacity to 8.5 million passengers and will be designed for both domestic and international flights.
European Airports • Castres Airport offers flights to Paris and Lyon, operated by Hex'Air and Airlinair.
Carcassonne Airport has 7 regular lines. The destinations are Charleroi-Brussels, Liverpool, London Stansted, Nottingham, Dublin, Shannon and Cork.
Rodez Airport is a small airport connected to Paris, Lyon, London Stansted and Dublin thanks to Ryanair, Hex'Air and Brit Air.
Useful Contacts Airline bookings and pricings: www.toulouse.aeroport.fr, www.castres-mazamet.com/html/dep_avion.htm

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