Armagnac Liqueurs and Eaux de Vie

Midi-Pyrénées is the home of many outstanding wines. But not only. Many liqueurs, creams and eaux de vie are also produced in the French region.

The Armagnac Liqueur

This Midi-Pyrénées traditional produce is said to be 'eternal' by wine connoisseurs. It is a Brandy produced in the Gers-Gascony area of the region. Powerful and delicate, warm and dynamic, it is soft and much flavoured.

The best way to really know this produce is to stop reading right now and go to Midi-Pyrénées, or if you’re in the French region already, find a local cellar that will make you taste this authentic French treasure.

This liqueur is obviously produced in the area of France around Armagnac, a small village of Midi-Pyrénées. To obtain Armagnac, white wines are distilled and aged in oak barrels. The aroma then becomes much more complex, and the drink takes its typical Armagnac colour.

Top Tip! Armagnac is a completely hand crafted product produced in very small quantities by Midi-Pyrénées winemakers. The diversity of terroirs and grape provide this eau-de-vie with a rich character that reflects the Midi-Pyrénées nature and men.

Floc de Gascogne is a wine produced for some decades now that is really fruity. This fortified produce can be either white or rosé. It is produced through the blend of grape juice and Armagnac and is perfect when drunk as an aperitif or even during the meal.

Other Midi-Pyrénées Liqueurs and Creams

Many little-known drinks are produced in Midi-Pyrénées. Liqueurs and aperitifs are made with chestnuts, violets, quince and Gentian, huckleberry, strawberry amongst others.

Some other Armagnac based Liqueurs are made from plums, cherries, raspberries or oranges.

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