Midi-Pyrénées Golf Courses and Clubs, France

Midi-Pyrénées is one of France's largest regions. Surrounded by the Pyrenees mountains at the South, the French region is ideal for golf players searching quiet but spectacular environments to play their favorite sport or spend golfing holidays in Midi-Pyrénées. With 36 golf courses across its eight départements, Midi-Pyrénées offers really diverse landscapes for fans of the little white ball. The region boasts almost 19,000 players in its clubs.

  • Golfing facilities and golf courses abound in Midi-Pyrénées, South of France. The weather and beautiful scenery of Midi-Pyrénées combine to make that region of France a golfers' haven.
  • Midi-Pyrénées Courses are generally gorgeous.
  • With its really particular geography, Midi-Pyrénées seems just like a golfer's paradise. If you plan to spend golfing holidays in France, choosing Midi-Pyrénées is just a nice choice: it is easy to access, with flights to Toulouse airport, accessible from all over the world and the UK, and many golf courses have dedicated resorts with a warm welcome and a range of services awaiting you.
Golfing Holidays in Midi-Pyrénées are a must

Less than an hour's drive from Toulouse, Spain, Lannemezan Golf course is a must. Lannemezan course is located in a magnificent setting with gorgeous views over the Pyrenees. Featuring close to 4,500 trees and boasting a land over 40ha, it is a flat course with narrow fairways. This golf course is close to cities such as Auch, Luchon, Pau, Saint Lary Soulan, Saint Gaudens and Tarbes (less than 60Km away), this allowing you to do many visits (and local produce tasting!) during your golf holidays in the midi pyrenees area of France.

Another recommended golf course is the Ariège Golf Course, located 20km east of Foix in the area called le Piémont Pyrénéen, facing the Pyrenees mountain range. Gorgeous.

Golfing Holidays in Midi-Pyrénées are just like that.. outstanding

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A map of golf courses in Midi-Pyrénées: www.liguegolfoccitanie.fr/golfs


  • Golf de l'Ariège


    09240 La Bastide-de-Sérou


  • Golf de Mezeyrac

    Soulages BP 6, 12210 Laguiole

  • Golf du Grand Rodez

    Route de Marcillac, 12850 Onet-le-Château


  • Golf Club de Luchon

    Route de Montauban BP 40,

    31110 Bagnères de Luchon

  • Golf de Toulouse la Ramée

    Ferme du Cousturier, 31170 Tournefeuille

  • Golf du Comminges

    Capélé, 31210 Montrejeau

  • Golf Estolosa


    31280 Drémil-Lafage

  • Golf de Toulouse

    31320 Vieille-Toulouse

  • Golf de Palmola

    Route d'Albi,

    31660 Buzet-sur-Tarn

  • Golf de Téoula

    71, avenue des Landes,

    31830 Plaisance du Touch

  • Golf Club Seilh Toulouse

    Route de Grenade, 31840 Seilh

  • Golf Saint-Gabriel

    Lieu dit Castié,

    31850 Montrabe


  • Golf d'Auch-Embats

    Route de Montesquiou,

    32000 Auch

  • Golf de Gascogne

    Les Stournes,

    32140 Masseube

  • Golf du Château de Pallanne

    Château de Pallanne,

    32170 Tillac-Pays De Marciac

  • Golf de Fleurance

    Lassalle, 32500 Fleurance

  • Golf Les Martines

    Route de Saint Livrade,

    32600 L'Isle-Jourdain

  • Golf de Guinlet

    32800 Eauze


  • Souillac Country Club

    46200 Lachapelle-Auzac

  • Golf Club de Montal

    46400 Saint-Jean-Lespinasse


  • Lourdes Golf Club

    Chemin du Lac, 65100 Lourdes

  • Golf de la Bigorre

    Lieudit Goutto,

    65200 Pouzac

  • Golf de Lannemezan

    250 rue Dr Henri Ueberschlag,

    65300 Lannemezan

  • Golf Hippodrome de la Loubère

    Rue de la Châtaigneraie,

    65310 Laloubère

  • Golf de Tarbes Les Tumulus

    1 rue du Bois,

    65310 Laloubère


  • Golf d'Albi Lasbordes

    Château de Lasbordes,

    81000 Albi

  • Golf de Castres-Gourjade

    Domaine de Gourjade,

    81100 Castres

  • Golf de Florentin-Gaillac

    Al Bosc,

    81150 Marssac-Sur-Tarn

  • Golf de Fiac

    Brazis, 81500 Fiac

  • Golf de Mazamet - La Barouge

    Pont de l'Arn, 81660 Mazamet


  • Golf des Aiguillons

    Route de Loubejac,

    82000 Montauban

  • Golf des Roucous

    82110 Sauveterre

  • Golf Club d'Espalais

    L'Ilôt Espalais,

    82400 Valence d'Agen

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