Midi-Pyrénées Holidays

Midi-Pyrénées has lots of little-known treasures you will discover. Here is a quick review of the best places to stay in, and what to do.

Places of interest

  • Even if Midi-Pyrénées is renowned worldwide for its wines, it has a lot to offer, like activities in the mountains or in the woods around, for those interested in sports, in relaxing activies and all kind of amusement across parks, zoos, gardens, lakes.
  • Enjoyable festivals also take place through Midi-Pyrénées throughout the year for the pleasure of everyone.

Also to discover

  • Sailing on the Canal du Midi will always bring the same feelings of happiness, while watching the magical reflection of the hundred-year-old plane trees in the waters.

  • The archaeological site of la Graufesenque, birthplace of a huge pottery industry which made vessels in the infashion of the Gallo-Roman period.

  • Why not visit the famous "Pic du Midi", a high mountain that offers the most amazing view over the surrounding valleys.

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