Midi-Pyrénées Hotels

You can opt for many different accomodations in Midi-Pyrénées: hotels, bed and breakfasts, cottages or guest houses. You could also rent a property in Midi-Pyrénées.

Top Tip!

To choose your hotel, do not focus only on the big cities as Toulouse, even if it is amazingly beautiful. The hinterland in Midi-Pyrénées is also really charming and unsuspectingly beautiful and the region is so vast that you cannot fail to find the house of your dreams.

Hotels range from Mediterranean modern to medieval baronial to Pyrenean chalet, most are small and cozy rather than luxurious and sophisticated. Toulouse has the usual range of big-city hotels, make reservations well in advance if you plan to visit in spring or fall.

Look for gîtes d'étape (hikers' way stations) and table d'hôtes (bed-and-breakfasts), which offer excellent value and a chance to meet local and international travelers and sample life on the farm, as well as the delights of cuisine du terroir (country cooking).

As for off-season—if there is such a thing, since chic Parisians often arrive in November in their SUVs with a hunger for the authentic—call ahead and double-check when hotels close for their annual hibernation (which usually starts sometime in winter, either before, or right after, the Christmas holidays). Assume that all hotel rooms have air-conditioning, TV, telephones, and private bath, unless otherwise noted.

Public surveys show the following cities are among those most appreciated by visitors:
1 Albi 2 Auch
3 Cahors 4 Gavarnie
5 Lourdes 6 Montauban
7 Millau 8 Montpellier-le-Vieux
9 Rocamadour 10 Rodez
11 Toulouse 12 Villefranche-sur-Rouergue

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