Midi-Pyrénées Tourism Attractions

The Midi-Pyrénées region is ideally situated. Its location and climate are extremely attractive. Extraordinary scenery combined with a rich historical past of exceptional cultural and architectural interest, together with a multitude of celebrations and festivals, make it an exciting area to visit.

  • Midi-Pyrénées is a famous destination for the French population as well as foreign people. It has lots to offer.
  • Those who come generally appreciate the region and each of its departments thanks to many attractions adapted to anyone's tastes, desire and season.
  • Even if Midi-Pyrénées is famous for the city of Toulouse and the numerous authentic villages, it has lots to offer like activities in the mountains or in the woods around, for those interested in sporting activities, in relaxing activies and all kinds of amusement across parks, zoos, gardens, lakes.
  • Enjoyable festivals also take place through Midi-Pyrénées throughout the year for the pleasure of everyone.

An interesting variety of tourism has been carefully developed here over the years. Needless to say, fans of aquatic sports and swimming, hill-walking, and those seeking the quieter pathways can find many facilities and a varied countryside; and when the seasonal change progresses, winter sports come into their own.

Thanks to its southern situation, the proximity of Spain, the full southern exposure and, above all, to the screen of high mountains which protects it from the cold continental winds, it enjoys an exceptionally high winter temperature. Its privileged position means the slopes are covered with tropical vegetation: orange and aloe, cactus and eucalyptus, rose-laurel, bougainvillea and mimosa.

In less than two hours you can travel from the mountains to the not-that-far coast of the neighbouring Aquitaine region. With such a number of attractive features combined with the variety and quality of entertainment and the multitude of hotels and villas, it is not a surprise that it attracts visitors from everywhere both in summertime and wintertime.

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