Midi-Pyrénées Train Stations and Rail Network

Having numerous assets is a great advantage for the Midi-Pyrénées area. To boost tourism the region needs a good train network.

  • The region boasts big cities as well as a number of medium-sized ones. The rail network is linking the region to the rest of France and to Spain, as well as linking cities between them and with Paris.
  • Some figures: 330 trains each day, calling at 173 stations, 1,500 km of networks, 30,000 passengers a day, with a turnover around €47.3 M.
  • A high-speed line is in project between Paris-Bordeaux, Bordeaux-Toulouse and Bordeaux-Spain. This means considerable amounts of money are being spent on this. Works should start in 2013, and would put Paris 3 hours from Toulouse, and would allow 800,000 passengers to take the train each year instead of their cars.

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