Midi-Pyrénées Weather and Climate

  • The Midi-Pyrénées region is located in the south of France and is renowned for its warm and pleasant climate throughout the year, especially during the Summer months when peaks of temperatures can be observed.
  • Midi-Pyrénées is bordered by the Aquitaine region and Languedoc Roussillon as well. As a result, Midi-Pyrénées boasts oceanic, mediterranean and continental weather influences. It means that there is an important variability of the climate in this French region.
  • These differences in the climate also appear because of the diversity of relief within this region of France. With the Pyrenées to its south, the Massif Centralmountains to the north, Midi-Pyrénées climate and weather are influenced from both sides. Thus temperatures can be really high during summer and really low during winter, with massive snowfalls on the mountains. In the hinterland the weather is a bit milder though.

Midi-Pyrénées receives more than 2,000 sunshine hours a year and is by the way one of the sunniest place in France. However, because this region is not located close to the sea, the weather in this part of France can be quite muggy in summer and start being particularly pleasant in autumn and spring with sweet temperatures.

  • Due to a blend of different climates, dryness, humidity, and the amount of sunshine hours, this region of France offers different types of vegetation, verdant as well as dry. Midi-Pyrénées is above all well-known for its bright colours and wonderful countryside.
  • As you notice in the average temperatures table below, the temperatures can be quite low during the winter months. There are also mild spring and autumn months whilst summer is really hot.

Midi-Pyrénées Climate

Climate Type Continental, mediterranean.
Average Temperature Summer: 20.2°c, Winter: 6°c.
Average sunshine 2047 hours per year (Toulouse).
Average rainfall Summer: 45.36 mm, Winter: 55.4 mm. Equivalent to 655.7 mm per year (Toulouse).

Midi-Pyrénées Weather Statistics

Month Average Temperature Precipitation (mm)
January 5.4 55.1
February 6.8° 55.2
March 8.7° 57.5
April 11.3° 64.4
May 14.8° 73.1
June 18.4° 57.8
July 21.3° 41
August 20.8° 47.4
September 18.5° 47.7
October 14.4° 51.5
November 8.9° 48.8
December 5.9° 55.9

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