Nord-Pas-de-Calais Waterzooï

Waterzooi or Waterzoi is a dish originating from Belgium that is very popular in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Gastronomy, especially for family gatherings or friendly lunches on Sundays. Gentse Waterzooi or Waterzooi gantois are other names given to this traditional French dish.

The original version of this dish is made with fish but many variations use chicken. In the latter case, the name is a Kippenwaterzooi.

Eaten with the famous Poulet de Licques (local high quality chicken meat), the Waterzooi is a must. The name of the dish originates from Water and Ziedem, meaning simmering water.

Sea or freshwater can be used. This stew is then made by melting vegetables as carrots, potatoes, herbs and leeks with eggs, cream and butter. The typical fish used is bass, eel, carp or pike though cod, halibut, turbot and monkfish are suitable too.

This recipe, either using chicken or fish, makes use of egg yolks and cream, a vegetable soup can be added to form a richer soup. Bread (a baguette is ideal) is then used to sop up the soup, that recalls the outstanding sauce of the Poitou Charentes Mouclade, a mussel dish.

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