Paris Ile-de-France Air Travel and Flights

There are many ways to get to Paris Ile-de-France. You can fly there, with companies galore flying to and from the region: In Paris Ile-de-France there are several airports serving every possible destination in the world.

Travelling to Paris Ile-de-France by Air
Air traffic More than 85 million passengers per year travel through Paris Ile-de-France main facilities: Roissy and Orly airports, Paris-Issy-les-Moulineaux Heliport.
Largest Airport Charles de Gaulle International Airport also known as Roissy Airport is one of the world's main aviation centres as well as France's main airport.
It also is the no. 1 freight airport in France. Charles de Gaulle Airport extends over 12.5 square miles of land.
In terms of passengers, Charles de Gaulle Airport ranked second last year in Europe with 59,919,383 passengers.
International Airports Orly Airport: After Roissy Airport, it is also an international airport with 25 622 152 passengers last year. It is the second largest airport in Paris since the construction of Roissy CDG airport.
Useful Contacts Aéroports de Paris: On this website you will find the huge list of companies, countries and destinations connected to Paris:

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