Paris Ile-de-France Economy

In the last decade, the economy of the French region Paris Ile-de-France has known a general increase.

Nevertheless some branches of the region's economy (such as industry, property building or tourism) have had problems with providing new jobs or even with keeping pre-existing employment.

Paris economy is mainly based on its service sector. It indeed represents more than 83% of the employed people of the region. Industry represents only 15.9%, but-because of the high number of workers in that region- still is the first region of France concerning industry with around 847 000 workers.

Paris and its region is one of the main actor of the global economy. It is the most important european region by its GDP, and the fifth in the world, after Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Osaka's areas. It is also obviously the main actor on a national scale, representing an impresive 30% of the value-added of France.

Ile-de-France is also a major touristic destination, playing a big role both on a national and international scale

Paris Ile-de-France has an unemployment rate of 6.6%. This region also offers financial and physical support for people in need such as elderly people, disabled people, unemployed people...

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