Paris and Ile-de-France Golf Courses and Clubs

  • Get away from the crowd, noise and pollution and go golfing around Paris. Most Paris and surroundings areas' golf courses are easily accessible thanks to the huge transport network of the French capital. Golf courses in Paris are everywhere, but most of them are located in Ile-de-France. In total there are 67 golf courses, about 20 golf training centres and more than 140,000 golf players in Parisian clubs. Paris is an ideal area for playing golf, and provides players with a large choice of courses, including some of the most prestigious golf courses in France.
  • Moreover, Paris has the most efficient golf training centres in France. Indeed, Paris golf clubs provide a training opportunity for both novices and experts. The prices may vary from €80 to €250 per day but it is really worth it, if you are willing to improve your swing!
  • Golfing holidays in Paris are a must. The golf holiday experience there is often made up of accomodation in luxurious hotels. The prices of these golf holidays are reasonable, about €150 per night, even less. Many Parisian hotels or traditional guest houses dedicated to this type of stays offer a warm welcome.
  • Ile-de-France offers scenery completely different from that seen in other regions. You will enjoy playing golf in stunning landscapes, amongst luxurious gardens, open-spaces, lakes, plains and even forests.

Here are the contact details of the golf facilities in Paris and its suburbs:

Gof courses in Essonne

Golf du Coudray
Avenue du Coudray - 91830 Le Coudray Montceaux

Golf de Bondoufle
Départementale 31 - 91070 Bondoufle

Golf du Stade Français Courson
91680 Courson

Gof courses in Hauts-de-Seine

Golf de Saint-Cloud
60 rue du 19 Janvier -92380 Garches

Gof courses in Paris

Golf du Bois de Boulogne
Hippodrome d'Auteuil - Route d'Auteuil aux Lacs - 75016 Paris

Gof courses in Seine-et-Marne

Golf de Meaux Boutigny
Rue de Barrois - 77470 Boutigny

Gof courses in Seine-Saint-Denis

Golf Départemental de la Poudrerie
Allée Paul Vieille - 93190 Livry Gargan

Gof courses in Val d'Oise

Golf de Cergy-Pontoise
2 Allée de l'Obstacle d'Eau - 95490 Vauréal

Golf de l'Isle Adam
1 chemin des Vanneaux - 95290 L'Isle Adam

Gof courses in Val de Marne

Golf d'Ormesson
Chemin du Belvédère - 94490 Ormesson-sur-Marne

Gof courses in Yvelines

Golf des Yvelines
Château de la Couharde - 78940 La-Queue-Les-Yvelines

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