Paris Ile-de-France Weather and Climate

  • Paris and its region, Ile-de-France, are located in the centre north of France and renowned for their mild and temperate weather all year long and especially during the autumn and spring months.
  • If Paris and its suburbs are inland, it does not mean that this region of France only soaks in a continental climate but quite the contrary, in an oceanic one as well. Indeed the Atlantic Ocean is not that far away from this French region. It explains the specificity of the Ile-de-France and Paris climate. The combination of the continental and oceanic weather gives to the Paris region cool summers and sweet winters.
  • Contrarily to what is commonly thought - this region is allegedly really rainy - Ile-de-France benefits from 1,798 sunshine hours a year at least and some of the departments are really dry. Indeed some places in Ile-de-France get a micro climate due to the alternation of flatlands and hills through this region and a game of temperatures inversion.
  • This region of France is known for its numerous forests and verdure which thanks to an appropriate average of rainfall and sweet temperatures is really verdant.

Paris Ile-de-Francee Climate

Climate Type Continental and oceanic.
Average Temperature Summer: 19.5°c, Winter 5°c.
Average sunshine 1798 hours per year (Paris).
Average rainfall Summer: 52.4mm, Winter: 50.5mm. Equivalent to 641.6 mm per year (Paris).

Paris Ile-de-France Weather Statistics

Month Average Temperature Precipitation (mm)
January 4.1° 55.0
February 5.2° 45.4
March 7.8° 52.2
April 10.6° 49.5
May 18.4° 62
June 17.4° 53.2
July 23.9° 58.3
August 19.2° 46.0
September 16.7° 52.9
October 12.7° 54.9
November 7.7° 57.0
December 5.0° 55.1

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