Paris Ile-de-France Wine

Vineyards in Ile-de-France are pretty rare. However from the Middle Ages to the 18th century there were 40,000 ha of vineyards in the area and this region was the first wine region in France, by far.

The wine was drunk by the king and much appreciated. It is not surprising when you know that the Ile-de-France region shares its climate and latitude with the Champagne region. The phylloxera illness as well as a fast urbanisation have destroyed much of this heritage.

Nowadays many people do not even know that vineyards exist in Ile-de-France, and even in Paris. The wines produced in Paris are modest local wines. The area now produces 33,000 bottles a year on 11 ha of vineyards.

The Ile-de-France wines are foremost whites (49%) and reds (42%). The grapes used are the famous Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Semillon and Sauvignon. The pollution of the air in the Parisian area is not an obstacle at all, and 18 additional vineyards will be planted this year.

These wines are surprisingly good, some of them being sparkling. It is diffiuclt to directly buy these wines, except the one produced in Suresnes, available through the Parisian tourist information office. The other varieties can be tasted through the Autour du Vin events organised by the Ile-de-France winegrowers’ association.

Top Tip! While visiting Paris, why should you only see monuments as the famous Eiffel tower and Champs-Elysées? You could also visit vineyards and why not, taste the produce? You could be very surprised!

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