Pays de la Loire Air Travel and Flights

There are many ways to get to Pays de la Loire. One of these is to fly there, with low-cost and regular companies operating to and from the region. There are several airports serving destinations in the entire world.

Travelling to Pays de la Loire by Air
Air traffic More than 2,650,000 passengers travelled through Pays de la Loire main airports last year: Nantes and Angers airports.
Largest Airport In 2007 Nantes Atlantique airport welcomed 2,600,000 passengers. It aims at a European status. It offers flights to more than 80 destinations, with 39 regular direct destinations 5 of whom to international hubs: Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Casablanca, Lyon - and 9 are low-cost lines. 69 holiday destinations are operated during the whole year.
Local Airports Angers Airport: With only 3 flights per week it is doing not so bad, with 50,000 passengers last year. It is mainly a point of departure to Southampton, and from there passengers go where they want in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands... Flights are operated by Flybe and Eastern Airways. It also offers bus or train transfers to Nantes, La Rochelle, Poitiers, Tours, Le Mans and Rennes airports. La Roche sur Yon Airport: A small local aerodrome. No flights but just leisure and school planes there. You can land here with a private plane though.
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