Pays de la Loire Food and Gastronomy

Food and Gastronomy in Pays de la Loire are essentially based on the geography of this Western region of France. When it comes to French gastronomy, Pays de la Loire's reputation lies in fine food such as the Beurre Blanc sauce and the Rillettes, pork speciality from Le Mans. The Sel de Guérande Salt Flower and the Port Salut French cheese also account for the French region's gourmet products.

Pays de la Loire is indeed famous for its outstanding cultural landscape with historic towns, architectural monuments - amongst which Loire Valley's renowned Châteaux- and great vineyards. But this food-loving French region also boasts delightful pork products like the Rillettes du Mans and refined natural produce like the salt flowers from Guérande called Fleurs de Sel.

Thanks to the quality dairy products from the neighbouring Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy regions, Pays de la Loire's cuisine includes a delicious recipe of "white butter sauce" named Beurre Blanc and some tasty French cheese such as the Port Salut, Saint Paulin and Curé Nantais. The Western town of Nantes actually has its own speciality, the well-known pure butter biscuit known as Petit Beurre.

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