Pays de la Loire Golf Courses and Clubs

Pays de la Loire provides a large choice of Golf courses. In total, there are 28 Golf courses, located in different places of this French region. Most of them are close to the seafront, the other ones being located in gorgeous forests, or near Pays de la Loire rivers like Loire river and also Mayenne and Sarthe rivers, offering different golf courses.

  • There are 28 golf courses accross Pays de la Loire. Discover some of the most prestigious Golf courses in France, such as the l'Ile d'Or Golf course, Cholet Golf course, the International Barrière Golf course in la Baule or the one located in Lavillé.

  • I you wish to spend holidays in France playing golf, Pays de la Loire golfing holidays are definitely a must. The region offers high-quality facilities. Several kinds of accommodations are available, such as luxurious hotels offering prices inclusive of breakfast, villas or B&B and green-fees. The prices of these golf holidays are affordable, often around €300 or less per week-end and per person. Many hotels or traditional guest houses used to this type of stays offer a warm and inviting welcome to golf players from everywhere in Europe.

  • You will appreciate the kindness of people, the charm of the surrounding areas. Pays de la Loire is a cultural landscape of exceptional beauty. Indeed, discover the many monuments and the fertile vineyards, the French and English gardens, orangeries and fountains and do not hesitate to taste the local specialities! Pays de la Loire boasts a real art of living. You will enjoy golfing in this heavenly French region- (see the Tourism Attractions section).

Here are the contact details of the golf facilities in Pays de la Loire:

Golf courses in Loire-Atlantique

Barrière de la Baule International Golf Course
Domaine de Saint-Denac
44117 Saint-André-des-Eaux

Savenay Golf Course
Le Chambeau
44260 Savenay
Golf courses in Maine-et-Loire

Avrillé Golf Course
Château de la Perrière
49240 Avrillé

Cholet Golf Course
Allée du Chêne Landry
49300 Cholet

Golf courses in Mayenne

Laval Golf Club
La Chabossière
53810 Changé-Laval

Golf courses in Sarthe

Sablé-Solesmes Golf Course
Rue du Golf
72190 Sargé Lès - Le Mans

Golf courses in Vendée

Olonnes Golf Course
85340 Olonne-sur-Mer

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