Pays de la Loire Weather and Climate

  • Pays de la Loire is a region located in the middle west of France. This region is renowned for its sweet and nice weather all year long. Springs and autumns are really mild whilst summers are hot and winters are sweet.

  • The Pays de la Loire region is lined along its south-western side with the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, this French region benefits from a micro climate located on the littoral, with mild temperatures all year long. Its location at the "beginning" of the south of France brings also a pleasant warm weather, particularly to the Vendee department, where the land can be quite dry.

  • The Pays de la Loire region of France benefits from 1,956 sunshine hours a year. In the Vendee, the weather is similar to the southern climate, with really hot, dry and long summers.

  • The blend of a continental, oceanic and southerner weather enables this French region to have numerous different plants, agricultures and landscapes. Then, you will find the famous Pays de la Loire salterns, but also vineyards and verdant forests in this fertile region. If you like nature, you cannot miss this region which offers wonderful verdant spots.

  • As you notice in the average temperatures table below, the temperature is cool during the winter months. Also there are mild spring and autumn months whilst the summer is pleasantly hot.

Pays de La Loire Climate

Climate Type Continental and oceanic.
Average Temperature Summer: 17.6°c, Winter: 5.9°c.
Average sunshine 1956 hours per year (Nantes).
Average rainfall Summer: 45.2 mm, Winter: 77.2 mm. Equivalent to 788.5 mm per year (Nantes).

Pays de la Loire Weather Statistics

Month Average Temperature Precipitation (mm)
January 5.4° 86.6
February 6.2° 70.2
March 8.1° 69.1
April 10.4° 49.9
May 13.6° 64.1
June 16.9° 45.0
July 19.1° 46.4
August 18.7° 44.8
September 16.8° 62.2
October 13.1° 79.2
November 8.6° 86.9
December 84.1

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