Pays de la Loire Wine

Pays de la Loire is a French region where the climate is mild enough to allow the grapes to thrive. This region is renowned for being a part of the famous Loire (wine) valley. This Loire Valley is spread from the Atlantic coast to the Auvergne region of France, along the river Loire.

You will find in this French region several appellations originating from few different varietals which are principally the Muscadet and the Gros Plant.

  • The Muscadet has been introduced in Pays de la Loire by Dutch merchants during the XVII century, who encouraged the people from Nantes to plant the melon de Bourgogne (Burgundy melon) grape.

  • Produced following the rules of the French tradition, this wine has the particularity to be made sur la lie, it means that the wine fermented on the sediments and that it was not filtered.

This French traditional wine making savoir-faire adds much more flavour and freshness to the Pays de la Loire Muscadet wine. You will appreciate the quality and finesse of Muscadet, a true wine from the French terroir.

Tip: In order to savour this fine wine of France as it has to be, you can sip it as an apéritif or just appreciate its bouquet with the sampling of shellfish whose taste will be really delicious accompanied with this Muscadet wine.

Top Tip! Being in the Pays de la Loire you will have the opportunity to taste some local gastronomy produce based on shellfish as well as wine issued from Gros Plant.

  • Gros plant is a varietal of grape. This French Pays de la Loire wine produced as well “sur la lie” is a full-bodied wine. Renowned for its strong bouquet, Gros Plant can be a bit acid for the taste buds but this is what makes the value of this robust wine.

Tip: Like the Muscadet, the Gros Plant wine will be in perfect harmony with shellfish and any kind of seafood, a true pleasure for the senses!

Pays de la Loire is just the first step in discovering the Loire Valley, so visitors could start there an amazing Wine Route which will lead them through the best wine cellars in France, from the Pays de la Loire to the Auvergne French regions.

You will have the opportunity to taste unique wines and learn about the French terroir wines and know-how while sampling local specialities with an idyllic scenery around.

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