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Travelling to Picardy by Air
Air traffic In 2006 more than 1.4 million passengers travelled through Picardy main airport Beauvais-Tillé.
The number of passengers visiting it increased from 200,000 passengers to 1.4 millions during the last 10 years.
Largest Airport Paris Beauvais Airport includes low costs airlines such as: Ryanair (80% of the traffic), Wizzair, Central Wings and Blue Air, flying to a number of European cities.
International Airports Beauvais-Tillé: Ryanair flights from Beauvais to Dublin, Glasgow and Shannon, Stockholm, Copenhague, Budapest, Katowice, Rome, Milan, Barcelone, Casablanca.
Useful Contacts Airline bookings and pricings: www.ryanair.com, www.wizzair.com

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