Picardy Eau de vie, Cider and Beer

Picardy has lots of eaux de vie, ciders and beers to taste. While visiting France, this region is thus a most-see since it is located on the way between the UK and Paris. So why not sip some local specialities?

Calvados eau de vie

This local eau de vie, called

Calvados or 'Calva' by Frenchmen is obtained when distilling cider from local apples or pears. The fermentation process takes at least one month and produces an eau de vie that is between 40 and 45 % proof. Then the Calvados eau de vie is kept in oak barrels for at least two years. Calvados is foremost produced in the French Oise department. Other local aperitifs are the Poirette and Reinette, also based on traditional eaux de vie. Other drinks produced in Picardy are listed below.

Organic cider from Picardy

Wine growers make ciders from an apple orchard dedicated to cider production. Many farms producing cider in Picardy are family companies. The fermentation is therefore a natural, slow process that allows terroir flavours and local tastes to be fully expressed in the cider.

This local drink is fruity and chilled, you must taste it. Below is the address of a producing farm: GAEC COËVOËT, La Folie de Bonneuil, 60120 BONNEUIL LES EAUX, phone number: 00 33 3 44 80 60 89

Picardy Rhubarb Juice

Rhubarb is much produced in the Picardy region of France. The juice obtained is a sparkling, very sweet drink that must be served and drunk chilled. It contains less than 1% of alcohol.

Picardy Beer

Lagers are produced in Picardy and there are two varieties, the Rebelle ('Rebel') beer and the Milliacus beer. This French region produces much barley and logically produces beer. You will appreciate their finesse and aroma. The Milliacus beer is light while the Rebelle is stong and a bit sour.

Below is the address of a producing farm: ETS MAEYAERT SA, rue de la Gare, 60 112 Milly sur Therain, phone number: 00 33 3 44 81 33 33

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