Picardy Chantilly Cream

The Picardy Chantilly Cream is a traditional sweetened, whipped cream from the town of Chantilly in the northern region of France. Widely known under its French name "crème Chantilly", this delicate whipped mixture has become a classic in the French gastronomy and pastry!

The traditional mouth-watering French crème Chantilly is a classic on every honourable dessert platter all over the world! This delicate whipped cream originates from the town of Chantilly in Picardy, in the late 17th century. The recipe of the authentic vanilla-flavoured cream was created by the French Chef Vatel who elaborated it for one of Fouquet's banquets paying tribute to Louis XIV, at the Château de Chantilly (Chantilly Castle) in the Picardy region.

Authentic Chantilly whipped cream

This airy cream emulsion's recipe had remained secret for a long time, the only advice that was transmitted concerned the ingredients. Indeed, the essential element for a perfect Chantilly cream lies in using fresh cream. Picardy housewives and cooks definitely recommend the local dairy products, to get a quality French creme fraicheit is without any doubt the best choice.

The ingredients are in fact really basic: icing sugar, whole fresh cream and pod of vanilla; all you need is a good hand-turn! It is said that a whipped cream can be considered to be "crème Chantilly" when the delicate peaks and designs hold their shapes after whisking.

Top Tip! The Chantilly cream's quality relies on a perfect, accurate whisking: too many strokes can turn the cream to butter!

The French whipped cream is now worldwide renowned for its subtle taste and airy consistency, it complements a wide range of treats, topping fruity pies and cups of coffee or simply decorating the dessert platters.

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