Picardy Holidays

Picardy Festivals and Events
Spring 4 main musical festivals in March: "le Blues autour du Zinc" in Beauvais, "les nuits du blues" in Abbeville, "Festival jazz" in Hirson and Festival "musique de jazz" in Amiens.
Summer In June: Les Nuits de Feu in Chantilly (celebrating fireworks).
"Fête de Jean de la Fontaine" in June, in Chateau- Thierry (celebrating famous fables)
Merveilles de Coucy-le-Château, in June (celebrating medieval show)
"Festival des fôrets", in July, in the heart of Compiegne Forest (original concept celebrating music).
Autumn Festival du film d'Amiens,in November(celebrating international cinema)
"Festival des cathédrales" in September(celebrating classic music)
Winter Festival du film de Beauvais, in November (celebrating European cinema)
Fête du Bois-Hourdy in Chambly in February (celebrating carnival)
Picardy Towns and Villages of Interest
Somme Amiens is the capital of the Picardy region. Famous for its Gothic cathedral, its Picardy museum and its “Hortillonages” (market gardens)covering 300 hectares, the town benefits of historical and artistic interest.
Abbeville is located just 15 km from the Somme Bay, at the heart of a protected natural environment, with historical and cultural treasures.
Oise Senlis is a picturesque city with narrow cobbled streets, famous for its Notre-Dame Cathedral.
Chantilly is the capital of horse riding but also a princely town well known for its chateau and Chantilly dessert cream.
Compiègne is an old royal city setting within a majestic forest, one of the most beautiful forests in Europe.
Aisne Saint Quentin is the economic capital of the Aisne department, well- known for its museums and architectural diversity combining Gothic, Art-Deco and neo-classical styles.
Soissons is famous for its "vase" and was the capital of the first Merovingian kings. Having preserved an important heritage it is classified as a "Ville d’Art et d’Histoire".
"Villes et Villages Fleuris" Picardy accounts for 84 towns and villages awarded such as Mureaumont in Oise department or Guyencourt-Saulcourt in Somme department.

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