Picardy Tourism Attractions

  • Picardy offers a large variety of landscapes and then a wide range of activities for all visitors and regional population, through its 3 departments: The Somme, Oise and Aisne.
  • For those looking for activities like walking and cycling, Picardy forests and natural parks will welcome you. Picardy lakes and rivers will also be a paradise for those looking for water sports like fishing and sailing.
  • Other famous attractions, like "Parc Astérix" or "La Mer de Sable" are the best places to have fun for children and adults alike.
  • The main cities such as Amiens, Soissons, or Compiègne are worth a visit; as well as smaller town such as Noyon, Chauny or La Ferté Milon.
  • Picardy is also the best destination for horse lovers, especially in the equestrian town of Chantilly, famous for its horse races.

Picardy Sporting activities
Water sports Picardy is ideal for anyone enjoying fishing, sailing and other water-sports such as speed-sailing, sand yachting and canoeing.
Land sports Through its many parks, forests and wide open spaces,Picardy offers more than 2000 kms of hike tracks but also many activities: walking, cycling, pony trekking, horse riding or golf.
The Picardy region also accounts for equestrian centres and prestigious horse races in Chantilly.
Picardy Parks and Attractions
Aquariums and Zoos Marquenterre Ornithological Park : including hundreds of birds in the heart of a natural reserve.
Amusement Park Astérix Leisure Park: famous amusement park in a rebuilt village.
La Mer de Sable: amusement park in a sand desert.
"Center Parcs": aquatic park in the heart of the natural lake of l'Ailette
Parc Saint-Paul: shows and animations in country-style environment.
Samara natural park retraces prehistorical period.
Arbres et aventure: games and adventure in a forest.
Aquatic family parks such as "Base de loisirs de Saint Leu d'Esserent", "Parc nautique de L'Ailette", "L'île verte" and "Le Centre aquatique d'Hirson".
Parks and Gardens Picardy accounts many parks and gardens such as: "Les hortillonnages" in Amiens, "Parc botanique" in Valloires, "A fleur d'O" in Davenescourt,"Le Jardin du Pic Vert" in Tilloy-les-Conty, "Parc du marais d'Isle" in Saint-Quentin, "Herbarium" in Saint-Valéry sur Somme, "Jardin de Viels Maisons" and "Le Potager des Princes" near Chantilly Castle.

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