Echiré Butter

This butter produced in Echiré (a town of Poitou-Charentes located in the Deux Sèvres department) is to be seen at the best tables throughout the world. And this is definitely not the result of a coincidence.

French and foreign gourmets know this traditional butter produced since the early 20th century. It is an exceptional produce of the French regional gastronomy and thus appears in leading restaurants and luxury cheese stores around the world.

This Poitou-Charentes food jewel has been granted an AOC label for its authenticity and exceptional taste and flavour. The regional soil gives the Echiré butter an outstanding character and elegant flavour. It is made from milk that can not be bottled since it would loose much of its great quality.

Echire Butter: wonderful taste.

The Pamplie butter is also an absolute must-taste locally produced butter. It is obvious in France that the best French butter is produced in Deux Sèvres and once you taste this Echire speciality you will definitely come back to it!

Top Tip! The Echire butter can be quite expensive, reflecting the outstanding quality of the product but the latter can be bought in small quantities and very much appreciated very much.

The traditional production methods have been safeguarded (and kept secret) for a hundred years. So do not hesitate and next time you visit the Poitou-Charentes region, taste this gem of the - local and national – French gastronomy!

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