Farci Poitevin

The Farci Poitevin is a famous traditional dish from the Poitou-Charentes region. It is generally eaten as a starter and is very fresh. Poitou-Charentes is an ideal place for lovers of this kind of simple yet sound food.

The Farci Poitevin in a stuffed herb paté that has been the basic pittance of the Poitou-Charentes indigent for centuries. Herbs from the garden combined with meat leftovers and vegetables were an ideal and cheap dish.

This recipe locally called Farci has lasted and is nowadays a traditional dish very typical from the Poitou-Charentes gastronomy but little-known in France. Sorrel, leeks, cabbage, lettuce and spinach are used, as well as eggs, onions, pork and parsley.

Farci Poitevin, simple French food.

This traditional meal is normally eaten with bread. Its aspect can seem a bit weird at first sight and looks like a green paté. Even if simple, this recipe produces a fresh dish that is very sound to eat and makes you feel good. It is besides a very light dish. The Farci Poitevin is normally poached in a bouillon (stock) and has to be cooked in the oven. It is then eaten cold to fully appreciate its powerful flavour. Enjoy!

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