Poitou-Charentes Holidays

Poitou-Charentes has lots of little-known treasures to discover. Here is a quick review of the best places to stay in, and what to do.

Places of interest

  • Atlantic Coast and islands, no less than 450 kilometers of coastline... It is simply an oneiric invitation. The sandy beaches are bordered with pine trees and many chalky cliffs and wild sites are to be found. The region boasts four islands of which the two largest, Oléron (175 km2) and Ré (85 Km2) are connected to the continent by bridges. They boast mild climate and preserved environments.
  • Marais Poitevin: it is called "the green Venice". A jewel in the crown of the region, it is a veritable treasure of beauty. The Marais poitevin lives in accordance with its dozens of kilometers of canals used by the marshland dwellers on their "flats". These features can be seen near Niort whereas those deemed "dried" are visible near the Atlantic. Two different sceneries, and two different atmospheres to experience.

Also to discover

  • Ile d'Oléron: it is connected to the continent by a bridge. Cradles of French oysters are ringed by many parks and basins where the refined oysters of Marennes-Oléron are produced.
  • Rochefort: the history of Rochefort is integrally linked with that of its arsenal, which was created undert Colbert in the 17th century. Its port is charming and the city for its part has a nice thermal station.
  • Ile d'Aix: you can only access the island by boat. Once arrived you can get about on foot or on bike since there is no car. The place is actually a paradise for nature lovers. On this 600 meters wide and 3 kilometers long corner of land, the visitor walks in Napoléon's footsteps, who came there twice.

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