Rhône-Alpes Train Stations and Rail Network

The network is made up of 2488 km of railway lines

The rail network is well developed in the region. Most large towns in the Rhône-Alpes are linked by TGV (High Speed Trains) lines and region-wide links are made by TER (Expres Regional Trains) lines.

Distances and Journey Times

Lyon (Rhône) Grenoble (Isère) Chambéry (Savoie) Saint Etienne (Loire) Marseille (PACA) Paris (Ile de France)
Lyon by train 1h20 1h20 45mn 1h45 2h00
Grenoble by train 1h20 45 mn 3h00 3h30 3h00
Chambéry by train 1h20 45 mn 2h40 3h30 3h00
Saint-Etienne by train 45mn 3h00 2h40 2h40 3h00
Marseille by train 1h45 3h30 3h30 2h40 3h15
Paris by train 2h00 3h00 3h00 3h00 3h15

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