Upper Normandy Food and Gastronomy

Upper Normandy is a real heaven for lovers of traditional food and gastronomy and visitors seeking authentic culinary experiences, even though this Northwestern region of France is commonly renowned for its beaches and beautiful countryside. Cultivating oysters, exporting scallops, the rustic part of Upper Normandy indeed offers fresh seafood dishes such as the Marmite Dieppoise or Hareng Saur as well as creamy cheeses like the Neufchâtel.

Following the example of the neighbouring Lower Normandy, the Upper Normandy region of France is famous for its homemade products based on local apples, from Calvados to various apple pies.

Nevertheless, this lovely, rustic region of France also boasts delicious seafood and fresh fishes, from which Norman cooks have been making traditional Norman dishes. The Marmite Dieppoise fish stew and Hareng Saur Smoked Herring recipe are now part of the French gastronomy, as well as the Mère Poularde Omelette, speciality from the Mont Saint Michel.

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